Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 63

THE SEA MY LOVER by Matthew Smart She moves an arm, swirls the ships at anchor. Flicks an ash and drowns a coastline. Stars blink at her inconsiderate moves but she stares each pointy eye down. The ebb pulls her breath out to sea where countless sailors are stricken lightheaded. She sets down the evening sky. Stubs out the slivered silver moon into the ashtray of the bay. On the far side of the earth the sun beats some other poor fool down. Here she glints and slowly stirs her drink. She feeds the moon fireflies and lures all the windswept wanderers of this sinking land. Flashes bone shards and countless beached dreams. Then she gathers the tide pool bloated corpses bouquets herself, and silkens her cocoon. Such indifferent hunger, the sea my lover. Now the tide resides somewhere over earthside. She turns her back, inattentive as always. She will return tomorrow, same as the sun, Which under hurricane orange grass fires Idly scorches another burned path to the sea. Wavelines mark her previous attempts at foothold.
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