Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 6

MOVING ON by Laurie Kolp page 23 CAR TIME IS by Sandra Lindow page 24 THE SALVIFIC PARSNIP by Jane Roop page 26 NEW ATLANTIS by Sally Zakariya page 27 MODERN PROSTITUTES RESPOND TO DELACROIX’S WOMEN IN ALGIERS IN THEIR APARTMENT by Kim Baker page 28 THIS IS NOT A PIG by Allyson Whipple page 30 ENTROPY GARDEN by Matthew Smart page 31 THE WEATHER BREAKS by Ron Singer page 32 MANY OF THEM THAT SLEEP IN THE DUST OF THE EARTH by Jeff Jeppesen page 33 THE EVICTION by Bob Carlton page 34 WE NAME THE TOTEMS WITH EVERY MORNING by Kelli Allen page 35 PATIENCE by John Francis Istel page 36 PORTLAND’S WATERFRONT HISTORY by Tricia Knoll page 37 YOU HEART BREAKER by Oonah V Joslin page 38 CARP MOBILE by Jayne Marek page 39 APOLOGIA by Cliff Saunders page 40 CLEAN CUT by Toti O’Brien page 41 MARRIAGE VOWS — OUR SESTINA by Carl “Papa” Palmer page 42 SOME CALL THIS SELF DEFENSE by Kelli Allen page 44 TIMING by Beth Konkoski page 45 Gyroscope Review - page v!