Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 57

CHAOS by Benjamin Ostrowski back in the sunrise Jeffery and I would bury our heads in the McCook’s Point beach pebbles and see how long our lungs could last us. feel the cells stretch. one time I leapt out of the 13th floor of the library but I didn’t disintegrate or whatever happens upon impact, I just ran off across the light bulbs into one of the layers of atmosphere or the East Side of Providence. two things that hurt the brain are lack of and too much blood. I read about a guy who sat in his Mazda in a garage and the Mazda was on, see that’s carbon monoxide and that’s goddamn. I made overeasy eggs this morning so I know I have a frying pan. but, teary and vertigoes, I find my little toe tucked safely in the sand. Gyroscope Review - page 47 !