Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 56

THE DREAMS IN THE VAULT by Karen Loeb Never trust a person who says, I’ll be honest with you. Reserve a safety deposit box for your dreams, especially the one about the snarling Doberman chasing you. Examine a calendar for the phases of the moon. For some reason, calendars, by law, must illustrate this. ! Spread butter across your toast and watch it melt. This is called a disappearing act. Grow marshmallows in your garden. This is not probable or possible, but go for it. Untie your sneakers before removing them. Why postpone the inevitable? Write a poem filled with silly rhyme to invoke an old fashioned time. Ask yourself when you last danced. Worry about all those dreams in the safety deposit box. Wonder if the Doberman has devoured all the cats you’ve dreamt about and left at his mercy. Gyroscope Review - page 46 !