Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 50

APOLOGIA by Cliff Saunders Tripped by the sin of arrogance, I offer my apologies to you and the imagination thief in your head. I had no idea that you felt a connection to my collection of oily loons, of painted buntings. Sorry to both you and the birds for popping the question. I’m sorry your ex-lovers were shedding tears when the great ship of fury burned at the creek of empty nests. I’m sorry you’re the one who crashed into the cold, whose name drifted to shore like a blossom then faded away. Maybe I was hasty. Perhaps I should have melted watches and chewed gift cards and bragged about sex with a backyard batting cage. Maybe, at last, I found myself in a trap. Who knows? To tell the truth, I lost so much when darkness sprouted in front of you from a farmer’s field. I lost everything. I blew it, and the price I paid was a heavy smoke floating around in my head. I felt guilty as a jail cell filled with children. Sorry, I only wanted to be a seabird watching you eat your fill of love. Gyroscope Review - page 40 !