Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 41

ENTROPY GARDEN by Matthew Smart We talk about progress but the only thing we've learned
 is how to build better sandbags. Lounge a while. Abandon the fight
 with me, amongst the vines. 
 Dirt multiplies, like everything not dead. There are sparks flicking all around us: radio waves, wifi networks, light. Neutrons birthed in distant novae. All the crosswise flame lines on your old VHS tapes slide upwards like flattened angels. You are nothing but heat
 that hasn't yet bled away. 
 I am nothing but heat, chilled tonight. And that river will always flood. We'll cry and scamper and dodge, then 
 rush to reclaim our bogged futures. But tonight let the TV stutter its snow into the distant dark. Maybe someone
 will see it blink, and wonder. Gyroscope Review - page 31 !