Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 38

MODERN PROSTITUTES RESPOND TO DELACROIX’S WOMEN IN ALGIERS IN THEIR APARTMENT by Kim Baker We want to be them, kept in a crib where even the black girl is frontin’ and maxin’ in bling, in rainbows, her ass so fine, but her sistas don’t notice— the hookah, the fucked up of too much stuff— they don’t need Food Stamps and Rite Care cuz I don’t see no kids there, no pimp scratchin’ sass and WTF in their ears all day, those rugs got no bugs big as a fist he swung in your face, no bruises, no neighbors complainin’ about gangstas (but it’s the losers with the mommy complex that scare the ever lovin’ shit outta us) no social worker jerkin’ them about the clap, no DAR hard core they deserve what they get, no state reps goin’ Rambo when the new guy says we oughta legalize prostitution as if putting food on your baby’s plate any way you can should require an act of Congress, no HIV disease, as if losin’ your immune system and having to rest all day dressed in linen in silk like a queen smokin’ the local weed in a pretty place they call a brothel would be so god damned bad. Gyroscope Review - page 28 !