Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 34

CAR TIME IS by Sandra Lindow Time is too slow for those who wait 
 And time is too swift for those who fear* Cars are womb wonders, mobile mothers, umbilicals that bind us every day, warm in winter, cool in summer. Driving to work, bursting through sunlit, leaf change loose fall October, my little blue Fiesta was easy labor, sky like the cover of It’s a Beautiful Day. I always thought danger came in big packages: semis, cement mixers, garbage, gravel, beer-big guys, big trucks, a cocktail mix of fear, but I was blindsided down by the Jesus Church, slammed sideways by a Buick, barging a stop sign, swung like sunset at midday past the Macho Messiah coffee house sandwich board. Emerging mostly unharmed, from the modus of my operandi, I met my Nemesis midstreet, little lady in bottle-sized bifocals, grandmother in go-to-meeting clothes, weeping her way to a funeral, blessed that it wasn’t ours, who cried that she didn’t see, trying to comfort me while I consoled her, and my beloved, baby blue car lay unswaddled, unbaptised, umbilicals torn, unbreasted like breast cancer, Gyroscope Review - page 24 !