Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 31

WHAT THEY DON’T SAY WHEN YOU’RE FINALLY RIGHT by Rich Ives Death is not the end of it any more than life is the beginning. Where do you think you’ve been all these years? What is this god you speak of but a horse cart without the horse. What is this life force that comes with its own death? Temporary could mean seeing without deliberation, or several examples of the same thing repeating itself. It might appear to be boring if everything around it hadn’t changed completely in the meantime. One way is to take it upon your self. The other way is to take it upon your other self, the one you hide, so that no others take it upon themselves to take you up on your word, which is yet another self. Shut up. You could not tell us what you’re thinking, or you could tell us what you’re not thinking, which would then become a lie, or you could sit in the corner and do everything at once, if only you could find the corner of the multiple choice question, or better yet select a subject to change your mind about before your mind changes. Half of everything is enjoying yourself, and the other half is enjoying yourself when you’re not enjoying your self. Perhaps you could try to be more reasonable. Gyroscope Review - page 21 !