Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 26

CHATTERMARKS by Michael G. Smith - Small, curved scars in bedrock resulting from the vibrational chipping action of rock fragments in a glacier’s base, each mark roughly at right angles to the direction the glacier was moving; - Franklin Burroughs As I lay down the chuck chuck chuck of the adze chipping into a pine plank follows me, spreads before me, returns me to Dad building planter boxes for flowers and vegetables. Generous with his labors, harsh with his mouth, the boxes rotted long ago, and yet again as I again empty myself for sleep I hear him chipping, chipping, chipping to get the dovetail joints just right, and because sleep falls like the chips of the plank that was, the chuck chuck chucks are, the chuck chuck chucks are not, and no longer his they have become mine, they are mine and never were. with gratitude to William Faulkner Gyroscope Review - page 16 !