Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 25

DEAD LINE by Claire Scott The line is dead It has been dead for six months I pay $69 a month for a dead line I never call AT&T to have it fixed Why you may ask (if you haven’t turned the page) You don’t know the half of it A year ago my mother lost her mind Now in a home (well, hardly a home) with others Still looking for theirs, or maybe having forgotten they ever had one Inmates doddering and drooling, soiling their Depends Getting lost in hallways, hollering at caregivers, Determined to escape at night She called me fifty times a day They are starving me They lock me in a closet Steal my money Get me out of here You are useless I despise you I cut the line to the phone With a pair of sharp scissors Found in the back of a kitchen drawer And that’s the all of it
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