Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 16

ANTICIPATIENCE by Norma C. Wilson Even in seasons of drought, finches turn yellow-gold; and cherry trees don pale pink crowns more fragile than glass. We rely on the wind and clouds to provide. Yet thunderstorms cause updrafts. Air rises and cools. Ice crystals form and grow into stones too heavy to float. Hail smashes the blossoms of spring. Yet after the storm, sun dazzles Earth’s jewels, warming the backs of turtles, mallards, snakes. Earth grows tipsy in spring! A turkey struts with tail fan wide. We inhale wild plums’ sweet breath. At night we check the forecast, fingers crossed that we won’t get frost. Days we’re lucky, rain gently washes lace-like flowers and lime green leaves as emerald grass glows. Gyroscope Review - page 6!