Gyroscope Review 16-2 - Page 14

FOR ROGER by Jayne Marek The ferry, underway, plunges, a hard heavy light-box against void Somewhere in the night Strait flow strings of photospheres, plankton and families of sea creatures that flash to each other A man I passed on the ferry stairs seemed familiar, as tall as you who have been gone for five years, or six, I forget since once the dark sea receives a man, all days cease to be counted, for him, all colors submerge, he cannot acknowledge a nod or the static announcing embarkation, the grind of seismic motors will not rouse him as the lights of the shore let go finger by finger: blurs of red and yellow like your Hawaiian shirts, splashes of exuberant rainbow fantasies I’m going to get better You knew you were dying from drink you apologized to your son trying doesn’t necessarily work So low a tide here we hang offshore for many minutes, not arriving, unseen water moves like years while we are still There are so few of us aboard I almost believe we don’t exist Gyroscope Review - page 4!