Gyroscope Review 16-1 - Page 57

I need to groom this garden by Jamie Haddox before the renegade thorns are too 
 savvy to thwart. And yes, it is true, 
 they are getting more clever every day, 
 finding shadows where they know 
 I’ll never see them, waiting to exact 
 their revenge for my pruning… or my 
 neglect, whichever they happen to be 
 pissed off about today. I consider 
 alternatives: gasoline or herbicides 
 but I can’t kill my garden. I’d rather 
 have an irregular heart beat than 
 an empty chest. I suck the blood 
 off my finger, curse the overgrown mess, 
 and head back to the shed to find 
 some fucking gloves. Gyroscope Review !49