Gyroscope Review 16-1 - Page 54

Hubble 25 (lipogr*m) by Akua Lezli Hope Slivers of pigment undid its polished perfection misconstrued tools resulted in severe errors offset edge by 2.2 micrometers, tiny, profound restored by skyfolk, reworked by outliers who reengineered vision with corrective devices more mirrors, new lenses, fixed slight imprecisions peers further into cosmos through five servicing missions competition for telescope time is intense no schedule for unexpected events It studies the deep field, this fiery, filled universe geosynchronous systems used to tell us help discern colors from monochrome sources Figured the birth of the universe in 2003 found our first moment of being to be 13.7 billion before we were conceived Redeployed to higher low third-rock orbit 345 miles up there Hubble flies 16,000 miles per hour sees bygone whys flickering lights in ever unfolding skies Gyroscope Review !46