Gyroscope Review 16-1 - Page 5

Enlightened by Sandra J. Lindow page 23 The Family Tradition by Daryl Muranaka page 24 Never Forget Why Your Wrist Throbs by Alexis Rhone Fancher page 26 In a Moment by Sandy Feinstein page 27 Lemons by Julianne DiNenna page 28 Find Your Muse by Bruce Alford page 29 Whistle for the Dog by Jeff Jeppesen page 30 Reading Billy Collins’s Ballistics on a Norwegian Cruise Up and Down the New England Coast by Carolyn Martin page 31 Nick Chopper Lays Down His Axe by Ed Werstein page 32 Cleaning House by Seth Jani page 33 The Devil is in the Diving Board by Tracy Mishkin page 34 Declaration by Lynn Veach Sadler page 35 A Rose Colored Pony by Laurin DeChae page 36 Memories of My Friends by James Croal Jackson page 37 Wyoming 1949 by Patricia Frolander page 38 Olive Oil by Julianne DiNenna page 39 When You Think You’re Ready to Pack Up Your Grief by Alexis Rhone Fancher page 40 into the valley by john sweet page 41 Oblation by Sylvia Cavanaugh page 42 Letting Go by Barry Charman page 43 Cleaning with a knife by Mark Danowsky page 44 Gyroscope Review !iii