Gyroscope Review 16-1 - Page 25

Silver Baton by Sylvia Cavanaugh A thin layer of teenage fat gives his muscles a more luscious curve and with his blonde hair he seems palomino head tilted skyward feet together he straight-arms his baton all the way from the football field to autumn’s highest blue a climbing twirl cartwheeling its way up the stairway to heaven end over end an ascent of flash scintillating the sun my eyes wrap around those tensing thighs pants the color of heavy cream cling to all three of his dimensions he desires men this is the silence where my virginity paces uneasy winter’s close and we’re slouched low in his dilapidated Mustang fat dice swing over the dusty dashboard ragtop pulled up tight facing forward he drives us into December’s descending night at the reunion his body is emaciated he can’t see much anymore but still teaches baton lessons a couple times a week the bartender ignores us Gyroscope Review !17