Gyroscope Review 16-1 - Page 23

Eliot's Musty Pages by Mike Jurkovic with Will Nixon In between the unrequited crushes the beginning tastes like ocean salt and so too, the ending. The clear-skinned girls cast exquisite shadows after midnight. Those outcast hours when you return home w/barely a whimper to find rummaging clowns reassembling Elliot's musty pages. At the bakery, where you last said goodbye, everyone keeps busy. Engineers fall asleep at the wheel. Blonde mothers name kittens after Hanukkah candles. Saints and sinners rescue pillows. Say goodbye to alligators in sewers, those childhood monsters who outlast the collapse of time. Say goodbye to fashion relics who parade their pewter hair. The teeth you once traded for nickels are now third world commodities. Say goodbye to babies agape at the midnight fire. The story of temptation leaves no stone unturned. Gyroscope Review !15