Gyroscope Review 16-1 - Page 14

Daylight Savings Won’t Save Us by Alexis Rhone Fancher If I pull the drapes it is always night. I cannot see the seasons, or you, sneaking off in the half-light like there’s someplace you’d rather be. Come Monday, it will grow cold and dark before people leave work. Maybe you should go with them? When I photograph you, I stash my feelings in my pocket where you won’t find them, where the fabric sticks to my thighs. Go downtown, you’d whisper, back when it mattered, push my face into your sunlit forever. Can I help it if we are now on different clocks? A hot pink August has stumbled into our November like a second chance. Why can’t you see it? Come Sunday, the saving of daylight will no longer matter. If I photograph the light, maybe you will no longer matter. I grab my camera and shoot the dawn from the roof of our building. Catch you slipping out the lobby. My world goes dark without you.
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