Gyroscope Review 15-3 - Page 60

An Untitled Reflection In Question by Akeith Walters When did I become these jowls and hooded lids hanging over the edge of the weathered ledge of life, this lamp-lit image in evening’s mirror of my mother’s face and my father’s taped together like a grainy snapshot on the glass double-exposed as if in error? And have I stubbed the same spot on the barefoot floor as they did, as those who came before them, with those stiff steps and wooden gestures that frame us? Do I see what they saw, this reflection of looking back when looking forward, and did they too gaze through a moon-glazed window as another sweat-wet day lays down to rest soaked under a blanket of blue-collar fatigue, that scratchy cover which keeps sleep, like a forgotten lover, standing hat-in-hand outside the door?
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