Gyroscope Review 15-3 - Page 6

Helium by Ed Werstein page 33 On the Train to Hampton Court by W.S. Brewbaker page 34 Squirrel by Jeff Jeppesen page 35 The Book Club Devotee by Isabella David McCaffrey page 36 Rest for the Restless by Sarah Marchant page 38 Judgment by Ken Poyner page 39 Talking To Myself by Akeith Walters page 40 Island of Glass by KB Ballentine page 41 Wanney Wilds by Oonah Joslin page 42 The Wiser Hand by Jessica Fordham Kidd page 44 Plane Crash, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 by Michael Maul page 45 There Is No Place I Desire To See So Much as Jerusalem by W.S. Brewbaker page 46 Currents by Beth Sherman page 47 The Age of Efficiency by Tim Kahl page 49 Gyroscope Review i! v