Gyroscope Review 15-3 - Page 48

Judgment by Ken Poyner Of the infinite number of monkeys Typing on an infinite number of typewriters I am monkey number 37. Being that I am number 37 And knowing that infinity Can have no ordinal beginning If it is actually ‘infinity’ I should feel dejected, But I do not. In fact, I feel today might be my day, Even though there are no days In infinite time; and I type Endlessly away, my faith being the element That keeps this Universe Even keeled with its units of mechanical purpose: And with this sheet, Though, in an infinity there can be No distinct sheets, out Comes the perfect page of Marlowe. I am so close I can understand the fate Of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. I am so close I can feel The blind love of Lear. Before timelessness is done with me, This proud monkey will have His one perfect page of Shakespeare, His fixed point in the swirl of conjecture. And I, monkey number 37, will be The exclamation that excites each sentence.
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