Gyroscope Review 15-3 - Page 4

TABLE OF CONTENTS Painted Over Mass by M.A. Istvan Jr. page 1 The Wisteria Of Twilight by Akeith Walters page 2 Sweetheart by Jennifer Peedin page 4 The Old Man of the Mountain by W.S. Brewbaker page 5 Memorizing Rain by KB Ballentine page 6 The Starving Wind by Steve Klepetar page 7 De Bow's Review 2666 by Jeffrey H. MacLachlan page 8 Appendectomy by Mckendy Fils-Aime page 9 When the Music Stops by Erin Fristad page 10 Mourning The Loss Of Ghosts by Akeith Walters page 12 Lost Teeth by Susan White page 13 Mescalito by John Oliver Simon page 15 After Happily Ever After by Isabella David McCaffrey page 16 Gyroscope Review !ii