Gyroscope Review 15-3 - Page 29

Having a Starbucks Coffee with You by David Colodney is even more fun than writing a poem based on poems by two of my favorite poets who wrote love poems to lovers both men who rescued them from flames and restored their faith in love and happiness and blah blah blah but my poem is about a woman who restored my faith that “the one” exists and the search for “the one” should never be abandoned which is something I always held close but never wanted to write about because love poems remind me of lame Hallmark cards on grocery store shelves, but I decided I wanted to try and write a love poem to you because the first time I kissed you we were walking too closely into a Starbucks and partly because kissing you is even more fun than today than it was that morning partly because drinking coffee with you regardless of time of day is more socially acceptable than drinking gin and tonics in the backyard in the morning and coffee holds us over until it’s time to drink wine at night partly because Lana Turner would have been discovered by a barista in Hollywood had there been Starbucks and ventis in the days she was alive marrying seven different men eight different times looking for the one and ultimately giving up but you can never doubt her chutzpah partly because the black spaghetti-strap and jeans you wore this morning as I kissed you good-bye as we were leaving our house to go to work as we petted our dog good-bye as we dropped our kids off at school as we started our day with a kiss and a coffee partly because I remember that first kiss even though it’s been years that kiss was a leap of faith and not at all premeditated I hoped you wouldn’t smack me or push me away but instead you kissed me back partly because coffee has never tasted the same since that day and never tasted as sweet even if there are three Splendas or six Sugars in the Raw partly because it wasn’t really your clothes I was interested in but what lay beneath them your olive skin your feel your smell your touch but really what was beneath even all that I really wanted and it’s been years and I’m realizing now O’Hara’s lovers failed him and Frank never found real love before he died maybe that’s why he died Gyroscope Review 2! 0