Gyroscope Review 15-3 - Page 25

After Happily Ever After by Isabella David McCaffrey Eventually Princess Has to grow up. Then what? Either she bears his children, grows fat, A double chin, skin tags, Varicose veins like lines in blue cheese. The catafalque of too-fragrant flesh She must carry around, Betting on his gratitude A memory of once lustrous eyes, Cheeks velvet as peonies, lips dipped In blood, though she has learned To dread scarlet, gushing as it did Until she prayed to die, Cut open like a melon So he might have his princey, But only another useless bint Upon the lacy sheet, congeries of shes, condemned By birth to play the princess again. Again. Is it any wonder Stepmother From her oriel window Was made distraught by sight of that eternal She in the pleasaunce with her gold ball: Insensate, disordered, so unkind— Who’s to say who the true villain is? No wonder that Other lost her mind, That basket of apples ripe at her feet. Oh the mocking fountains— A diuturnity of plashing tears. Silver as that mirror she gazes into Now. It would be well to be a witch, Gyroscope Review 1! 6