Gyroscope Review 15-3 - Page 22

Lost Teeth by Susan White My young, autistic friend names people by their teeth: woman with yellow bottom teeth, boy with crisscrossed teeth, pointy-toothed man, girl with the space in the middle. She reads enameled codes. Animals show teeth as a threat-except humans, who flash their bones in friendly gesture. The ambiguity is terrifying. skeletal exposure rooted to the nervous circuit of electric translation A loss buried beneath pillow compensated with a dollar, five. Parents take and leave, making maturation magical. Decomposed victims are identified by dental records. Teeth survive and they don’t lie. No wonder I dreamed my teeth crumbled like crushed chalk, littered my sweater, as I begged you to stay with all the wrong words— my mouth defying my mind. Gyroscope Review 1! 3