Gyroscope Review 15-3 - Page 19

When The Music Stops by Erin Fristad I’m unsure if I put my hand on the respiratory therapist’s shoulder or just leaned against him. Debbie was on my other side, next to her, the ICU nurse assigned the morning shift. Touching or not, we braced and together they pulled out the ventilator tube, he quickly disappeared it from sight, she wiped your chin clean. Their performance perfectly orchestrated, sadly, well-practiced. You didn’t move. Had you been able you would have mentioned those famed Russian pairs skaters, Alexander and Irina, so perfectly trained they skated even when their music stopped and won the 1973 World Championships. Nurse Irina’s final move, a lift of the white cotton blanket drizzled with the green and brown fluid filling your lungs. Did I squeeze his shoulder in thanks? Or just mutter a small gratitude when he caught my eye, our mutual recognition that this attempt at mercy could have gone a lot worse. You sputtered only slightly, shrunk smaller into your bed. Soon the deep gurgle arrived just like the instructional handout from the nurse said it would. All afternoon we sat by it, the creek in your woods growing louder as light faded to dark. Gyroscope Review 1! 0