Gyroscope Review 15-2 - Page 5

The World’s Ugliest Dog Has Died and We Don’t Know How to Feel About That by Jeff Jeppesen page 17 Letter to the Con Who Shot a Cow by Ace Boggess page 18 Your Uncle from Canarsie Explains the Rapture by Will Nixon page 19 Epilogue by Matt Morris page 20 How to Mend a Broken Heart by JC Reilly page 21 The Intrusion by Ken Poyner page 22 God Particle by Jonathan G. Travelstead page 24 After Re-Reading Corso's Bomb Outside Of Santa Fe by John Michael Flynn page 25 Fried Bread by Patricia A. Frolander page 26 Brushing The Old Yellow Lab by Pippa Little page 27 At Valley of the Gods, UT by Bret Norwood page 28 Sacrifice by Audrey T. Carroll page 29 Shallow by Kathy Steinemann page 30 Foxy Night by Jane Roop page 31 Gyroscope Review !iii