Gyroscope Review 15-2 - Page 4

TABLE OF CONTENTS Summer’s by Marian Kaplun Shapiro page 1 Apache Plume on the Trail to Tent Rocks New Mexico by Pippa Little page 2 Burnt by a Sun God by Jane Rosenberg LaForge page 3 Pipestone by Oonah Joslin page 4 Remembering Utah by S.D. Lishan page 6 Cold Harbor Light by Kevin Casey page 9 The Goldfish by Tim Tomlinson page 10 For Chris Lunn, Who Became a Paraplegic at the Age of Twenty, In an Automobile Accident Near Setauket, October 1974 by Tim Tomlinson page 11 Night Row by Daryl Muranaka page 12 Waxing Bitter by Marie C Lecrivain page 13 Hallucinations, Seeking Trains by John Michael Flynn page 14 Chainsaw Music by Pippa Little page 15 my birth defect by Wayne-Daniel Berard page 16 Gyroscope Review !ii