Gyroscope Review 15-2 - Page 31

God Particle by Jonathan Travelstead Oppenheimer tested fate and the first nuclear bomb at Trinity, chancing this pale blue dot’s mushrooming into the black for only a glimpse at the smaller cogs. Sure, in a few short hours we’ll hitch a ride to Alpha Centauri on packets of light, but just now in Geneva physicists sling particles like stock cars in opposing directions around a track, then comb the smashup for evidence of God lying, bleeding in the wreckage. Is found in the form of new physics for which we've neither invented nor tuned the proper instruments for recognizing. ‘Forty two’ spelled out in quarks. A matrix of corkscrews believed to be the Rosetta Stone for translating gravity to magnetism. Glyphs you believe into a pocket watch the moment you need one most. Times we must trade the old, broken Pontiac in on a new one, leave behind our notions of the combustion engine. Every good experiment risks cloud flutter, blue earth tattered into confetti. Watch now as they toss photons and pray for snake eyes. Watch- blue sand bucket and trowel in hand, and rush out when the tide recedes. Help me to fossick teeth and shells from the sky's helices, asters of light. Gyroscope Review 24 !