Gyroscope Review 15-2 - Page 25

Letter to the Con Who Shot a Cow by Ace Boggess because you didn’t think a .22 would kill because you were drunk staggering home to Jesus through a muddy field because your eyes swore I hated that fucking cow even as they dazzled your ember-cheeks with tears because there’s nothing left I could say that would make this less a comedy where Falstaff waits in shadow just off-stage because animal cruelty carries less time than most of the battles we wage from behind our broken lines I wanted to tell you all of us lose perspective in the moonlight we opposites of Meursault waving his silly pistol on a sun-blind beach I wanted to give you the silence of a priest’s laughter at confession but my heart filled up suddenly with noise because I envisioned the heifer’s outline chalked on grass because you felt remorse for only this Gyroscope Review 18 !