Gyroscope Review 15-2 - Page 24

The World’s Ugliest Dog Has Died and We Don’t Know How to Feel About That by Jeff Jeppesen None of my music files are controversial anymore and that pisses me off so much prickly revolutionary edges worn classic rock smooth Bred to be hideous Existing only to elicit disgust or pity its owner, Clara Something, scattered the little beast’s ashes in her backyard she is the only one who sobbed for the thing Tonight the crickets sing an argument which sounds like: Is! Is! Is! Is! and means: Your mistake is that you think the world has a beginning this leads you to believe it will one day end In the end, stars will loosen in their sockets like the teeth of old men clatter to earth cool grey pebbles I make my daughters listen to my records tell them this Buddy Holly song is why you girls can say those words that make you giggle a three minute song as an agent of change in the end when the wind stops blowing and no dogs are ugly anymore when signs and wonders are done Crickets saw madly as ever in the new dark calling for lovers like it’s not the end is is is is Gyroscope Review 17 !