Gyroscope Review 15-2 - Page 11

Pipestone by Oonah Joslin Quarter mile distant crumpled edge rose quartzite quarry sacred red waters took them down Winnewissa falls. Red burn the prairies where their blood seeped to the seam; close beneath the quarry path I see by rock am seen. The Great Spirit illuminates bids me contemplate. We share the rock face to face never again to be birdman and me as we are now unchanged. Quartzite covered ancient bones became pipe stone, Oracle of many suns and sons’ stories, sages, springs, red clays, sumac fires. iyansha K'api; that is to say, ‘the place where one digs the red rock’ to carve the calumet make its stem of prairie wood honour all that grows leather and feather honour all that lives make smoke rise to the skies honour the earth with simple tools and sweat Gyroscope Review 4 !