Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 8

Heart of Brightness by Oonah V Joslin Never imagined it would be like this; like a diamond. A jewel from the air casting light in all directions, scattering the sun like so much tinsel. A jewel on the ground: sharp and facetious: cut to impress. Its movement Cartier precise; intricate, perpetual. Soon your own heart keeps that relentless beat. Your feet pick up the pace. Your mind accepts the clamorous roar as waves crashing on a rocky shore, a restless storm in a vast forest; animal bellows, shrills and shrieks, siren calls. Down in the street in the dizzy deep, of lacerating power, you meet hard edged faces, inward looking, sharp and quick as knives. Many have been cut down here: crushed, pulverised, buried alive and dead. It demands reflection, worship. No excuses. But when you expect it least it reins in to a trot, lies still as schist, invites you to Imagine Gyroscope Review 7 !