Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 5

From the Editors Welcome to the inaugural edition of Gyroscope Review. We’re excited to bring you a wide variety of poets from various countries and backgrounds. One of the things I love about being an editor is seeing the diversity of poems that end up in the slush pile. We started Gyroscope Review to continue to give voice to the amazing poets we were reading every day. It’s a wonderful feeling to dig into the slush pile and find poems that engage you so well your coffee quietly goes cold. The authors in this inaugural edition all did a fine job of grabbing our attention with their craftsmanship and vision. The work represents a cross-section of contemporary poetry that wants to start a conversation with you. Let it. Breathe it in, read it quietly to yourself, out loud to the dog. Shout it from the front seat of your car as you barrel down the highway. Let it engage your senses and tap-dance across your mind. Isn’t that what poetry is all about? Let your coffee grow cold as we welcome you to this, the first edition of Gyroscope Review. Constance Brewer Welcome, indeed. I found that not only did my coffee cool, but the world fell away as I read submissions for this first issue of Gyroscope Review. The jumble of images that populated my thoughts after a morning or afternoon of reading was astonishing for its breadth and depth. These poets brought us lyrical focused snapshots of a dizzying array of situations and emotions, in all kinds of formats, such that we are sure it would be hard not to find something in here that speaks to you. That grabs you as much as it grabbed us. And, since we’re offering this first issue of Gyroscope Review during National Poetry Month, we hope you see fit to share. Poetry is our gift and our vision. It is our way of making sense of this world. Keep the conversation going. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson
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