Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 49

4. Voiced Flesh Safeguarded Swear when you heard the word cell first confess it had become plural you saw amino signals unfurl and waft across the vast steam of primordial soup seas. Swear you saw wide-armed Christ-s on the water gesture, we, your ancestors, were here where you have arrived at our memory. Swear you saw mud awaken and harvest community, so help you God. (That’s one thumb scrutinized forefinger the mirror thought earlier watching her release a strand of hair from an eyebrow as if an artifact of the fossil appendage legions she had seen in National Geographic. Later, she withdrew her hand from his cheek, fan-fingers slowly closing as she opened her eyes reminiscing his absence, reminiscing the solitude of a single hand, a tongue that reads tea in empty cups, and how words proceed from skin. ) Swear!
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