Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 46

2. Domesticated Throats Unguarded The diminutive peacock-fan paw withdrew from its reflection and joined the rest of the fur falling from the bathroom sink to the floor. There by the open door a scent-story stretched toward her from the couch in the neighbor room. It said if the woman were to lean back the man might kiss her on the neck. Her hand, fingers spread slightly on the soft spot between his lips and ear, would reminisce briefly before withdrawing in human epiphany. This narration, echoing in feline nostrils, might then mix with those forgotten before the body in which they found themselves came into being. Perhaps one of these would recall that before she could withdraw her paw from her reflection in the lake fuming with poisonous volcanic gases, she fell and sank to the sediment deep at the bottom, a casualty of the ancient thumb seeking army of primates in embryo millions of years prior to their loss of her tail. The woman leans back. Her cat, Ida, settles in agreement with gravity to reflect the scene in her green eyes. She might be thinking, Gyroscope Review 45 !