Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 40

Radioactive Zombie Marie Curie by Rachel Bennett You slept, shining out your bones from Radioactive Zombie Marie Curie, a text-based game by M. Alexander The first thing you see is a woman, head in hand, surrounded by the idea of all the men she’s left like countries, their constitutions irrelevant and desk drawers overflowing with saltpeter and musk. Dear receding empire, in its tooled sheath a souvenir 
 from the quest. Meanwhile she solves the problem everyone said was unsolvable, the way sand moves through the sea. she thinks, it was a mistake to be from anywhere. The danger here is great—her unspoken eyes and childless machines—you will need all the bars you’ve acquired to defeat her. This is where the organism stops, you think, but she’s already thought it. Ditto shadows growing like teeth in sunlit mouths. This is before her city abdicates its promise of homecoming like a dying body, but don’t think chronology tempers her resolve. You are a room in the house she walks through to be somewhere else. She’s programmed to be undefeatable. If it seems unfair, forget the program and go about domesticity. Your windowsill heaped with lamb’s quarter and lovage, your bloodlust Gyroscope Review 39