Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 19

Into the Fold by Brittany Renee Williams The serene silence of space. We drift, trusting gravity to pull us down, down, down into mysterious folds of unimaginable colors, so new I don’t know their names. Behind, home winks its fading eye, nothing but a pale light among millions. Regret. I'll never plunge into familiar ice depths again or drink in the light from my sun. My beloved whisper farewell, voices sliding along star light. The price of exploration. We pick up speed caught by an invisible net. Exhilaration, shame, and the desire to arrive. Acceleration. We exist in a twilight state. To our backs, cold, black space, spotted by star fire. Ahead, unknown, except streaks of . . . the words come unbidden. Green. Blue. Good. We never know how a new world will change us. Our engines awake to slow our descent, possibly alerting the natives, if they don't already know. A tug-of-war, the planet's forces against our vessel. We stabilize. The prize, life though it's no guarantee we'll last the day. As we glide closer, images I don't understand. Alien structures, but even my eyes comprehend, intentional. We land and the door opens. Harsh light. My courage falters. I close, fly, and retreat into galactic mother arms. My copilot brushes my forehead, pulling my thoughts back from the sky. I grip my weapon and kiss my token. My stranger friend and I clasp hands, united in desperate need. We step out into our new world, old in the celestial sea, praying this world draws us into the fold. Gyroscope Review 18 !