Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 41 No 3 - Page 6

byby David A. Brown AJ’s Many Ways Besting the Bullies of the Deep I t’s often a case of who-has-whom with deep muscle aches still reminding you of the brutal encounter days later. It’s often a second-by-second struggle to see whose resolve falters first and if you’re not up for this brutal street fight, don’t go amberjack fishing. On the other hand, if you’re into a tackle-testing, arm-stretching opportunity to earn respect points, and if you’re cool with the concept of extended engagements with a seemingly inexhaustible opponent — and, if you enjoy firm, mild filets made for the grill, smoker and blacking skillet, then this is your deal. Where to Look Capt. Jesse Mayer, who runs out of Johns Pass on Florida’s central Gulf Coast, primarily looks for amberjack over deep water wrecks, but he and others also find these powerful fish patrolling deep water reefs and springs. Structure-oriented fish, AJs tend to hover over the hard stuff and pick off whatever forage that crosses their radar. Running out of Venice Marina, Hunter Caballero, of Paradise Outfitters, prefers the 250- to 800-foot range and targets natural bottom, wrecks, fish havens and natural bottom features like the Midnight Lump off Southwest Pass. Day to day, though, it’s hard to beat the northern Gulf’s forest of oil and natural gas rigs. Emergent structures are easy to find with a block chart and line-of- sight, but Caballero suggest 2rf"FP&WF&VB( 7WBfn( &w2v6PF6FR7G'V7GW&W2fPrFW'FVBvFǒFR7V&W&vVBVw2&VrइW'&6W2fR66VB6WfW&&w2F&GP&WF&VVC'WBVB"VVBFR&W7VFr( &VVg>( &PW&RVfV( FW( &R7F&VBW"u2'WBFW֖vB&R&G2v( 6&W&6BbFRF76VB&w2( ŖR67FfBFV'WBFWW7BF( BvWB2V6&W77W&R( ФRGW&2W"FW2&W&6&RB6Ɩ6FVB7&VGW&W3FW6VRVFWVBFRVFW&Vf&RG&rƗfR&G27V62&VR'VW'2f6w'VG27&W'2VWBBF&VFfআW'&rG6ǒ27G&vB6W'6PF&B&VFr&Ɨ726&W&w&VW2BvpFR&V6Gf"FVFr( 2`SW2VG2RvV'2WvF7FWBr"fB&G2vFV3vFR&VV26''r#V@'&FVBƖRVGb&6&R7GV&&&G&r77FVƖRFN( &W67BFR&Vv7W&f6W2`&W&6&FR( BFN( 2vBPVVBFFRFW6R&V7G2f"FRFW&֖F6R6&W&VW2B6R@Vff6VCRfVWBb#VBfVBVFW""6&6RB#BV6W2bVBFFVƗfW"g&F2ƗfR&@FFRFvW"R( ŖR6f6FV@&B'WBƗfR&B0vrFvWBBGv6V6G226VBFvFrffR֖WFW2f FRf6FVBFVB&B( Ф6&W&6BvW&WfW"&W&6ƗfR&'&7VF6&RFP&RbƗfR&Bf6r2FW6Rvw&W76fPFW&W'2FVƖvB'W6rV2V@f"F&vWG2&VrFV vW"G&WfV6WFFWƗfP&G2Fv&vvW'2SУ&G2g&FR6FPBG&FVVFW"FPFF7&WrgVvFFRfW'06VVFrFRƗfW2^( 6fB&W&6&PFvƖrFGF6'Ff6&G2F26VFSw3W"V27V6ƗVBvvr&G2FRf"FP6FVVBvR2␤&FR7GRw2v&VBW'&F6ǒF&VvFRvFW"6V&RwV&FVVBGG&7F"VgfǒF6R6ffW F2'WF"6R&W76fR7G&W2BV&&R&GFW26BW76RW"’B6B&֖W"`rRb22Bb2R"rrrrRbb2r2