Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 41 No 3 - Page 12

Equipment Notebook by David Ayers Photos by author. Convenience Gadgets W here would we be without our conveniences? Many of the small gadgets that make life a little easier for us are taken for granted… until they become lost, broken or inoperable. Then we realize how dependant upon them we are. Here are three such gadgets. First is a simple steering knob. It is easy to install and can make steering over long distances less tiring and can help with maneuverability in tight spots. There is sometimes 12 controversy about how safely one can control the boat using these knobs, so use with caution! Next, lighting can be a challenge in closed hatches or during non-daylight hours. This LED switch/light combo is bright and attaches to any flat surface using an adhesive backing (less than $5.00). Finally, with the many uses of phones, a good mounting device can be helpful. This phone holder uses a magnet and is quite strong. (1) Installation of most one-handed type steering knobs is easy and takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. (2) Knob should be perpendicular to the plane of the wheel, usually at the top of the wheel when motor is centered. (3) An unlit interior of a console can be pretty dark which makes finding smaller items a challenge at best. (4) This inexpensive LED light/switch was added so that finding objects is much easier. Install in 60 seconds. (5) There are many types of phone holders, most made for a car or truck, but why not add one to your boat? (6) You may want to secure your phone in rougher water, but the convenience of a holder makes it attractive in most situations. G U L F C O A S T F I S H E R M A N W W W. G U L F F I S H I N G. C O M