Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 41, No. 1 - Page 30

Product Review DEEP SUBMERSIBLE 300 LED SALTWATER FISHING LIGHT After numerous requests for longer cables to accommodate various applications for commercial fishermen and fishing guides, the Deep Submersible 300 LED fishing light was designed and tested. The light is capable of being submerged to the full extent of its 100 foot supplied cable, while not loosing any Lumen output due to losses in the cable length. This is accomplished by the Mean Well 120 watt UL certified LED driver. The driver utilizes a microcomputer and the latest technology to monitor the electrical output to the LEDs, providing continuous, if needed, changes to the voltage applied to the cable going to the LED light. By adjusting the voltage the driver compensates for all of the electrical loss in the long cable, resulting in the light being able to run at full brightness. This was something that could not be done previously with cables over 25 feet long. As mentioned above, the LEDs are powered from the driver while the driver is a device that requires 120 volts AC just like shore power, or your home. Included with this package is a 300 watt inverter that can connect to your boat’s auxiliary (recommended) battery. The inverter then supplies the 120 volts needed by the driver. Deep water striper guides will use a setup like this to catch the day’s bait that is present around the thermocline of the body of water that they are fishing. The light available at 50 foot of depth in most water, salt or fresh, is very l