Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 41, No. 1 - Page 21

North Gulf Fishing Forecast NORTH GULF Tide Tables MARCH 2017 CURRENT MOVEMENT CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH WED O 06:20am 07:30am Very Weak 1 EARLY MORNING BEST THU I 05:35am 06:45am Very Weak 2 EARLY MORNING BEST FRI I 07:40am 09:40am Wak 3 O 06:35pm 09:35pm Moderate O 11:00pm 01:20am Moderate EARLY MORNING BEST SAT I 07:50am 11:10am Good 4 O 07:20pm 11:20pm Good O 10:35pm 02:35am Good MORNING BEST SUN I 08:15am 12:55pm Strong 5 O 08:05pm 01:05am Strong O 10:50pm 03:50am Strong MORNING BEST MON I 08:50am 02:10pm Strong 6 O 11:25pm 04:45am Strong MID MORN TO EARLY AFTN BEST TUE I 09:50am 03:10pm Strong 7 LATE MORN TO MID AFTN BEST WED O 12:15am 05:45am Strong 8 I 11:10am 04:10pm Strong I 01:40pm 06:40pm Strong LATE MORN TO LATE AFTN BEST THU O 01:25am 06:25am Strong 9 I 03:00pm 07:20pm Good LATE AFTERNOON BEST FRI O 02:40am 06:40am Good 10 I 12:10pm 03:10pm Moderate I 04:15pm 07:55pm Good AFTERNOON BEST SAT O 03:55am 06:55am Moderate 11 I 12:55pm 02:55pm Weak I 05:35pm 08:15pm Moderate AFTERNOON BEST SUN O 06:30am 08:30am Weak 12 I 02:25pm 03:55pm Very Weak I 07:45pm 09:35pm Weak EARLY MORNING BEST MON O 04:55am 06:15am Very Weak 13 O 08:10am 09:40am Very Weak I 02:30pm 03:40pm Very Weak I 08:55pm 10:15pm Very Weak EARLY MORN, MID AFTN BEST TUE 14 EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH WED O 06:20pm 07:50pm Very Weak 15 EARLY MORNING BEST THU I 07:10am 08:50am Weak 16 O 06:50pm 08:50pm Weak EARLY MORNING BEST FRI I 07:25am 09:45am Moderate 17 O 07:10pm 10:10pm Moderate EARLY MORNING BEST SAT I 08:00am 11:00am Moderate 18 O 07:40pm 11:20pm Good MORNING BEST SUN I 08:35am 12:15pm Good 19 O 08:30pm 12:30am Good MORNING BEST MON I 09:10am 01:30pm Good 20 O 09:20pm 01:40am Good MID MORN TO EARLY AFTN BEST TUE I 09:55am 02:15pm Good 21 O 10:25pm 02:45am Good LATE MORN TO EARLY AFTN BEST WED I 10:55am 03:15pm Good 22 O 11:55pm 03:55am Good LATE MORN TO MID AFTN BEST THU I 11:55am 03:55pm Good 23 LATE MORN TO LATE AFTN BEST FRI O 01:10am 04:50am Good 24 I 01:10pm 04:30pm Good AFTERNOON BEST SAT O 02:15am 05:35am Good 25 I 02:50pm 05:30pm Moderate MID TO LATE AFTN BEST SUN O 03:40am 06:20am Moderate 26 I 05:25pm 07:25pm Weak EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST MON O 05:05am 06:55am Weak 27 I 07:20pm 08:50pm Very Weak EARLY MORNING BEST TUE O 07:30am 08:40am Very Weak 28 O 01:05pm 02:15pm Very Weak EARLY MORNING BEST WED I 03:20am 04:50am Very Weak 29 O 04:35pm 06:25pm Weak LATE AFTERNOON BEST THU I 04:15am 06:35am Moderate 30 O 05:00pm 08:00pm Moderate EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST FRI I 05:00am 08:20am Good 31 O 05:20pm 09:40pm Good EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT WED Hi 01:43am 0.6 1 Lo 07:55am 0.3 Hi 01:33pm 0.5 Lo 08:49pm 0.1 THU Hi 01:43pm 0.7 2 Lo 10:51pm 0.0 FRI Hi 02:16pm 0.9 3 SAT Lo 12:48am -0.2 4 Hi 03:05pm 1.0 SUN Lo 02:25am -0.3 5 Hi 04:07pm 1.1 MON Lo 03:43am -0.4 6 Hi 05:20pm 1.2 TUE Lo 04:48am -0.5 7 Hi 06:36pm 1.2 WED Lo 05:42am -0.4 8 Hi 07:48pm 1.2 THU Lo 06:26am -0.4 9 Hi 08:53pm 1.1 FRI Lo 07:00am -0.2 10 Hi 09:52pm 1.0 SAT Lo 07:19am -0.1 11 Hi 10:49pm 0.9 SUN Lo 08:21am 0.1 12 Hi 02:58pm 0.3 Lo 05:00pm 0.3 MON Hi 12:47am 0.7 13 Lo 08:03am 0.3 Hi 01:43pm 0.5 Lo 07:25pm 0.3 TUE Hi 01:55am 0.6 14 Lo 07:21am 0.4 Hi 01:29pm 0.6 Lo 08:58pm 0.2 WED Hi 03:47am 0.4 15 Lo 05:49am 0.4 Hi 01:36pm 0.8 Lo 10:18pm 0.1 THU 16 FRI 17 SAT 18 SUN 19 MON 20 TUE 21 WED 22 THU 23 FRI 24 SAT 25 SUN 26 MON 27 TUE 28 WED 29 THU 30 FRI 31 Hi 01:54pm 0.9 Lo 11:36pm 0.0 Hi 02:21pm 1.0 Lo 12:58am 0.0 Hi 02:58pm 1.0 Lo 02:21am -0.1 Hi 03:45pm 1.1 Lo 03:33am -0.1 Hi 04:43pm 1.1 Lo 04:32am -0.2 Hi 05:52pm 1.1 Lo 05:21am -0.2 Hi 07:05pm 1.1 Lo 06:01am -0.2 Hi 08:16pm 1.1 Lo 06:35am -0.1 Hi 09:25pm 1.1 Lo 07:02am 0.0 Hi 10:35pm 1.0 Lo 07:23am 0.1 Hi 11:51pm 0.9 Lo 07:30am 0.3 Hi 12:54pm 0.5 Lo 06:12pm 0.3 Hi 01:21am 0.8 Lo 07:14am 0.5 Hi 12:25pm 0.7 Lo 07:47pm 0.2 Hi 03:46am 0.6 Lo 05:48am 0.6 Hi 12:27pm 0.9 Lo 09:11pm 0.0 Hi 12:51pm 1.1 Lo 10:37pm -0.1 Hi 01:29pm 1.3 - (Continued from previous page.) opens to the Gulf primarily through Destin Pass, but also through the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. In the bay, anglers usually sight-cast to reds on the flats. The area around Crab Islands holds good fish. While anglers can catch reds in the bay all year long, the best winter action occurs off the beaches that make this area such a tourist destination. Many anglers use boats with towers so they can more easily spot fish attacking bait balls. Heading east or west along the beach, anglers might run from one school to the next. “We cruise along the beaches watching for diving birds,” said Josh Calhoon with Destin Inshore Guides. “In the winter, we have a better chance of catching redfish off the beaches than in the bays. We fish right along the beach out to about 30 feet of water.” Panama City, Florida St. Andrews Bay covers about 25,000 acres including West Bay, North Bay and East Bay near Panama City, FL. With little fresh water flowing into the bay, the estuary remains very salty and (Continued next page.) JANUARY • FEBRUARY • MARCH 2 0 1 7 21