Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 41, No. 1 - Page 14

Winter Wading Tips (Continued from page 10.) as close to a guarantee for monster trout as there is. Green water is a plus, but not absolutely necessary. Anglers should also consider the time of day. Early in the day, the areas facing the rising sun will warm quicker and, therefore, are more likely to be holding feeding fish. Good examples of this type of water are stretches of muddy bottom flats sandwiched between a spoil island and a deep channel and situated to where the rising sun will cast its early morning rays to warm the water. Once in the water, wade fishermen should feel for a thermocline, or layer of warmer water. Thermoclines can be found in water as shallow as three or four feet. If a thermocline is present, it is a good indicator for what level of the water column fish will be holding. Once anglers find a spot with all the elements necessary to attract monster trout, they should work the area slowly. It is necessary to make plenty of casts and vary the retrieve. Waders should fan cast multiple times from one spot before moving a few feet and repeating the process. It is almost impossible to make too many casts in an area when attempting to fool monster trout. Beyond patience and multiple casts to an area utilizing various retrieves, there are a couple other things anglers can do to tilt the odds in their favor. Light line – or, more to the point, small diameter line – can give anglers an advantage in that smaller diameter line is less visible in the water and allows lures to move more freely, resulting in more tempting action during the retrieve. This is especially critical when utilizing the slow retrieves necessary during the cold weather months as the subtlest of movements can trigger a strike. Many anglers have switched to braided lines f"F2W'6RW7@&VV&W"b'&FVBƖR2W6VBB2&W7@FW6RfV&6&&"fV@66VFW"FvfR6R7G&WF6@gW'FW"&VGV6RƖRf6&ƗGW6rWG&VVǒ6'ƖvBv&P266BvW'2FV 7FW"VW7B6FWFW"ƖR0W726WGFrvW"BgFVFW2FR&vvW7Bbf67G&RBFRVBbr67BrBFff7VBFG&6֗@vW"g&FR&BFFR6'ƖvBv&R2VWG&FRV6W"vFW72vW"BƖvBv&R2F@7&VFR2&rbRFRf6( 2Ɨv66V&WfVBFRg&ЦfƖrWBb66V2FvWBFPƖRB6RBGW&rFRV7VrfvBࢄ6FVVBvR3"␣BrRb22Bb2R"ࠥrR2@rR`'B6&VFW2FWVvVR6BV6vV2f&V67BFW7FVBFW0$4%B$T&6'B&6P66W6WvCPf&VVb36VF"&Rӣ&66BS4%U24$5D&6272WGFW2ӣ3r6BӣFvvW"6B6Pr&VVbCVV6W2&6W6WvPG&R6B6W6WvPuTE$P&ff&66P7F'fFB3B7WB'FCB7WB6WFC'B6fVB&63'&6&F7WB#'&26FvWGFW2ӣVVV6&V6W6Wv#&w&FRWF6PDt$D$T6&F&fW"WFӣC6&F&fW"62Fr6B&VVbӣw&VV2&Rӣ3626P6&6V&S6BBS&RB3vFW&&RVG&6R#'B( 6"&ƗGFR"WGFW2ӣFv&F66VWGFW2ӣC&גR6P6F&6Ce$TU%B$T6&7F2B&7G&&6P&7G&&R6ӣ&GFW6RBG'V&S7FW"7&VV6#'&2&fW"6ӣP6&W&&B6ӣ3g&VW'BWGFW2ӣCP6W7&VV6tdU5D$$TFW26GFRVB6P&VBf6&"36V"RVG&6RCP6VF"BG&G&&fW"72V7B&ӣS&&6&RV7B&ӣ#&Ɨf"&G2vfW7Fӣ#'FWGG&B72ӣSvfW7F6W6Wv6WFFVW"6vW7B&36&6V&VVbvW7B&SƖvF"VBvW7B&6V272'&FvRӣSdU$ԔĔ$$Tg&W6vFW"&Rӣ3fW&֖Ɩ722rӣSvVV2&ӣ3444URR$T666WR72ӣc666WR&fW"63R6&W2W&VFR&fW"ӣC4$R$T6&R72FW2BӣCPW7VFRB'&FvRӣ36FW6BvW7BB6PvW7B726&R&fW"PG&67FB7WFfb6CPFFW7Bf"W"f6r&VFB"7V'G&7BҒW'2B֖WFW26v&fRf"FP&VRFf6g&FRf&V67BFRGFVB6VB&RFRF6&RFRFPbv"rFFR6v&VrFFRFW2b7W'&VB&W6VFVBFRf6rf&V67BࠥFFRF&RFW7FVBFW0tptpWVvVR6B#R#0BRfW"ӣ###`6V6BSB3B6Wg&WV"S@6WFB'6Sp5r72fW&֖Ɩ3"30W&VFR&fW"VBSBS666WR72B#B#@6&R72PW7VFRBB#PvfW7F6V26vVvRB3SBCP6V"RcRcCv6&7BV7B&3bC6&6r&#333ƖvF"BvW7B&#3#306&7F2B#3"#3vfW7FV2W"b`6V272g&VW'B&&"CB 726f#&627223G&R6VB#BCP'B6&V"C 'B( 6"FFW2fVB@GGwVff6r67FFW2FFRFǒFFRF&W2&RF&RW6VBǒ2FWFbvFW"wVFRBfR6'&VFFFPVFW2b7W'&VBFFW7Bf"W"f6r&VFBW'2֖WFW2"FVGV7@ҒW'2֖WFW26v&fRFFRFW2bv"r2F6FVB'FRFFRF&W2ࠤFSf&V67BBFFRF&W2fR&VVFW7FVBf"E5B2&&FRrrrrRbb2r2Р