Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 41, No. 1 - Page 10

by Danno Wise Winter Wading Tips for MONSTER Trout N othing excites Gulf Coast inshore fishermen quite like the sight of a giant speckled trout tethered to the end of their line. And, with winter now settling across the Gulf Coast, big trout time is upon us. Oddly (and fortunately for trophy trout hunters), some of the best monster trout fishing occurs during a period of time that sees far less fishing pressure than other portions of the year. Just as winter tightens its grip along the coast, most casual fishermen stow their tackle and wait for warmer weather. However, that is right when monster trout begin to fatten up in anticipation of the spring spawn. Since they are so intent on gaining weight, they are usually up to eating a big meal each day, giving anglers ample opportunity to trick one into biting. But, just because the opportunity is there doesn’t mean anglers will automatically hook monster trout during winter and early spring. In order to consistently battle monsters, it takes dedication and the right game plan. Likely Monster Lairs First step to landing a monster trout is finding a monster trout. That sounds simple enough – and it is. Or at least it can be. There are few features that can guide anglers to a monster’s lair. First and foremost, once the water turns cold, monster trout will relocate to areas with muddy bottoms. Mud holds heat much better than sand. Therefore, the shallow water over muddy bottom will be a few degrees warmer than elsewhere in the bay. This is particularly true during the overnight and low light periods of the day, when monster trout will use the muddy bay floor like an electric blanket. In fact, it is not unusual this time of year to pull big trout from the water only to find them wit VFG7G&V2rFV &G&V6W6RFWvW&RVvvVB6FvBFFRVFG&GF&RgFVFB7FW"G&WBv&RfVVFrf&ǐ6rvFW"( 2VFW fW"fVWBFVW@vVW&ǒFRGvFF&VRfB&vRFPVFGfG2FWW6Pf"Fr&RW&PVB"6&FbVFW"VBB6V"VBBw&72FWVFrFR&77FV&Vv&FW72bFV 66FFRfG0W6VB'7FW"G&WBf"fVVFrGW&pvFW"v&R6FVBV"FVWW"vFW"FR&V6f"F226R( 2vRFPVFG&GFvVWFW6RfG0v&W"FFW"6rvFW"&V0FR&vV7V'7FFFVW&GW&PG&67W'2f6vVVBF6VV6VFW FR&R7VFVBFVWvFW"&V2vW'26VBVW֖BF@( FVWW"vFW.( FW6( BfRF&R &VbFWFƖRFR5r6W 6V27V62v2vV66W726V0B&W6FVF6V22vV0FVWW"W2BFW&W762v6GG&7Bf6GW&rFRvFW"B7&r7FW"&G2f"7FW"&FW0FRB6r( &r&G2f"&rf6( FW6( Bv2BG'VR'WBGW&pvFW"BV&ǒ7&rB6W'FǒFW2f"RFrF2FRbV"f&R&WFV2&RGW&R( 2FB0F6&rW27V6VBG&WB&W&pf"FR7vvBFWVB2ƗGFPVW&w276&RF6F6V&FW F&W6W'fR6&W2BV6VVFV@&GvVvBFW"v&G2FV"vvVB6W2FfVVFrFRvVV0BF2VFrWFFR7v0rWGWBvWB2&W7VBvW'2v6VRf"&WGFW"&W7VG2f"&pG&WB'F&vr&r&G2GW&rFPvFW"B7&r&G2ƖRFvFW Vw27V62֗'$W&R6RFw2VFF7WW"72Vf"VWB@&&W"&FF2&Rv@66W22&RB֖6D6&D&F'W7FW'2BR֖66gB7F2w2आrFfBBfvB7FW vFW'2rf"7FW"G&W@6VB6FV"6Fv6Vǒ2FWFBfRFR&ƗGF&V6FPV6ǒ'WBFVv7FW G&WBf6r2B( 'VBwV( &6F7FVBvW'26V@RƖVǒ7BBv&BF&Vvǒ2VFVBV&ƖW"FP'F6RVFG&GF&V2&P&7F6ǒW7BvVG'rF6FR7FW"G&WBvWfW"@WfW'7G&WF6bVFG&GFfG0vBvBf6v66VG&FRFR'FbFPfBFB2V"FVWvFW"Bf"&B( 2VWB'F7V"&VǒfFrVBBVWB06FVVBvRB␤&Ff2vFG&G&WB6VvBvRvFrFW>( vW"wVG&R76'FVBbFvFW"Vw27V60֗'$W&R6RFw2B7W7VFrVw2ƖRFRD&F'W7FW"v6fW"vFW"vFr&6W2F2'WF"ࠣuTb45Bd4U$ࠥrrrrRbb2r2Р