Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 40 - No. 4 FALL 2016 - Page 33

the jack was all gone.” For more information on the NUISANCE Group, see its Facebook page or send them an email to GCF Baffin Bay (Continued from page 13.) water entering your waders. Wading in waist high water is typical and the wind will drive waves higher than that up against your body. Wearing a rain jacket outside of your waders will keep the water from the waves from entering your waders. While a trophy sized fish does not care or know what rod and reel is being used, the lure on the end is important. Captain Javi Castillo, from BBR&G, recommends using a Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad which is a four inch soft plastic minnow with a paddle tail in a “Sugar & Spice” color, or “Morning Glory” color. Canales includes the colors of “Chicken on a Chain” and “Slammin Chicken” for big results. Both Captains agree that the hook plays a big part in successfully catching a trophy. Canales says they use a 1/32 ounce screw-lock jig head with a 1/0 size hook. According to Castillo, this super light hook looks “more natural as they fall.” Canales recommends using a slow steady retrieve to keep the lure above the rocks or the grass. Canales says, “Cast as far as you can. Let the lure work for you.” Another option is top water lures. Because trout inhale their prey from underneath, working a lure back in a walking-the-dog manner, the strike is not visible like a redfish hitting a surface lure. Instead, it is a “one second it is there, the next second it is not”, kind of thing. However the resulting line tension and fight make up for it. Trout tend to be splashy, so expect it to make a ruckus all the way to the net. Canales likes the top water Yo-zuri 3DB’s in bone color and Halloween colors. Both captains also favor the Heddon Saltwater Super Spook in Pink/ Gold colors and Pink/Silver colors. Weather wise, Castillo prefers periods of low pressure for throwing top water hard baits. In any weather, not tying on a top water bait is hard to do. The added dimension of saying, “I caught a 30 inch speck on a top water lure,” is too alluring. While trophy specks can be caught year round, Canales recommends February through April for the fattest fish. “They are coming into their first spawn and they are healthy and fat,” he says. Both Captains look for moving water. As Baffin is too far from the passes that connect to the Gulf of Mexico, regular tide movement is nonexistent. Castillo says the time lag is so big, “That the incoming tide is often cancelled out from the outgoing tide.” Instead both rely on a “wind blown tide.” This concentrates the baitfish making it easy for big specks to find an easy meal. In this part of Texas, only five specks can be kept and they must be between 15 and 25 inches. Only one of the five may Capt. Javi Castillo with a huge speck hungry enough to hit a homemade painted lure. be kept that’s over 25 inches. While slot trout are often kept, catch and release is encouraged for the big beasts. This allows the big fish to reproduce and continue to add their offspring to the gene pool. A Boga-Grip type tool can be used to handle the bigger fish for a quick photo and revival. This allows minimal handling and is better for the fish. Castillo prefers the Foreverlast version as it is longer and if the speck shakes its huge head there is less of a chance of the treble hooks on a hard plastic lure to pierce a hand or finger. Because of its remoteness, lodging options are limited in Loyola Beach. Captains Sally and Aubrey Black, the owners of Baffin Bay Rod & Gun, offers a brand new full service lodge in 2016 which replaced their previous facility which was lost due to a tragic fire. One of the irreplaceable items was a white blackboard listing the names of the anglers who caught a 30 inch trout over the years. However those anglers are easy to spot as they wear a cap with that designation denoting their membership to that very exclusive club. Captain Sally calls Baffin, “The Last Best Place on the Texas Coast,” and it is hard not to agree. While the remoteness of Baffin Bay places it next to nothing, the ability to catch a trophy size speck makes it really something. For more info on Baffin Bay Rod & Gun visit, or call 361-557-0090; 361-205-0624. GCF Breton Island (Continued from page 22.) off sand gnats, jellyfish and the Portuguese man-o-war common to warmer times. Whether you fish Breton Island on foot or from a boat, you’ll find this coastal getaway well worth the visit. The bite’s not a 24/7 kinda deal, but where is? What you’ll find, though, is a tranquil island destination with all the makings of a lights-out banner day. That’s what keeps ‘em coming back for more. RIGHT ON THE RIGS Running out of Baptiste Collette or Main Pass, the shallow drilling rigs you’ll pass en route to Breton Island are well worth a visit. 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