Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 40 - No. 4 FALL 2016 - Page 14

Breton Island (Continued from page 7.) The bite doesn’t necessarily diminish on outgoing tides, but notably, Breton’s inner tidal lagoons host loads of blue crabs, finger mullet and other baitfish until an outgoing tide dumps much of the water and sends a lot of that forage into the island’s perimeter. Knowing this, predators will pay particular attention to such food funnels until the dwindling water pushes everyone to the outer troughs. “Moving water is the key,” Montet said. “That’s what makes the fish feed.” Water Clarity: Trout don’t like turbidity, so when a silty push from a high Mississippi River reaches the island, expect the bite to fizzle. Wind also plays a big role, either in pushing silty water one way or the other; or simply stirring the Breton surf. Montet said the issue of dirty river water is primarily a spring/early summer concern, but he’s seen the Mississippi influence Breton year-round. It all depends on river height, he said. When it comes to wind considerations, remember the Delta is a temperamental vixen, so make sure you know what to expect going and coming. You might glide out with light breezes in the morning, but a change in direction and/or intensity could leave you with a sore back after a rough return. Abundant Opportunities Trout typically dominate the Breton attraction, but you’ll find several more species willing to stretch your string. Jigs bumped along the bottom may turn up a nice flounder, croaker or channel mullet; while more active presentations often appeal to some of the biggest ladyfish you’ll ever see. Toothy critters are also common, so if a brief tug leaves you with a barren leader, the Spanish mackerel have move into the area. If the problem persists, moving is your only option — unless you want to grab a few speedsters for the smoker, in which case, a foot of wire leader will teach those macks a lesson. Sharks are also abundant, but they’re less interested in jigs and plugs as they are helping themselves to your struggling trout. Boatside attacks are no rarity, so swing your trout aboard or use a landing net. Bull reds make frequent appearances in the deeper water where they often push mu ][[YY[ˈ\˜X[܈YHوH\YK][x&[\X[HYHHZ[[ܜ[[[HY[YK\\K[܂\HXܙ][H\H[\Z[B۝[YYۈYH B\Z[[˂MHHHHHHHHܝ\X[ ^\]Y[H\[ Z\X[B[ܙX\Y\Y[[Y\”ԕTPBܝ\[ ΌMB[]\]^H ΍ B[[ۈYY ΌY\^[H NLXژX[ ΍LԔTTB\[\\]Y\ N\[ NLY\\[ [YBۙYY ΍ YX\^H]\]^H NMBYH\[]\]^H NMBQSHPQBY[^K[[ [YB\][ۈ[ Ό[] ܝ H ΍ [] ] H N ܝX[ٚY[\[ Ό\[ܘY] N^[XY]Y\ NL]YY[\X[H]\]^H Ό[ܘ[H[] [YBPUQԑHTPBܘY]\[] N ܘY]\ ΌL\[YY NLܙY[^[H N[X[ [YB\[ZXH^H ΍L[[ ΍L؛H[ N\ܛZH[[H Όܝ&Pۛ܈]H]Y\ NLX]YܙH\[[]Y\ N \^HH [YB[[ۚ[^K[[ ΍ QTԕTPB\X\ P\^H [YB\^[K[[ NL]\ۘZH Q[H^H ΍L\\ܙYZ[[ Ό^]\[[ NMB[\\ [[ NY\ܝ]Y\ N B[^HܙYZ[[ ΌLSTӈVHTPB^\]HZK[ [YBY\\ ΌX\ZH[[H ΍ BY\[ []H^H NLݙ\\QX\^H NLؚ[ۈ^[KQX\^H N]\YQ[\ۈ Nܝ]H]\ NL[\ۈ]\]^H ΌL]Y\\ U\^H Ό\[ZXHYYU\^H ΍L[Y]܈XY U\^H ΌL[Z\\YH NLTRSSӈVHTPB\]\^[H N\Z[[ۈ\ ˕ˊH NLYZ^H NSTQUHRHTPB[\Y]H\ N[\Y]H]\[[ ΌZH\\ NLY\Y[]H]\ N PSHTPBX[H\U^\ N BY\]Z]H YH NY^H\[ U\ [YB\\TX[H]\ ΌMB[X\[]]ٙ\ ΍ BY\܈[\\[\XKY H܈XX JH\[Z[]\ۈXݙH܈B\XH[H[\HHܙX\[YK][\[HXYH\\HH[YBوY܈YKۈ[H[Y\و\[\[Y[H\[ܙX\ YHXHY\Y[[Y\’Q‚Q‚]Y[H\[ LH L ” ]H\ NH L[\[ M LB ]]Z[ N LM] X\K LNH LNM”\\Z[[ۈ L̈ L“Y\Y[]H]\[ LNM LNB[\Y]H\ LM LNX[H\ LN  LNMBY\]Z]H[ L  L B[\ۈ[[ \ۂXYH ΍M MBX\ZH ͎ H ͎ [\ X\^H ΌM N[XZXH ^H ̎ ΌB[Y]܈ \^K ̎H ̎\X\[ ̎̈ ̎B[\ۈX\ˈY\ LN LN [Z\\ LH LBY\ܝ\܈ L  LN \][   LN\[\\ L LNBYHK ˈ[ H L LN Bܝ\X[ N L ܝ&Pۛ܈Y\[][\[˘KY\˚[ BHZ[HYHX\\HH\YۛH\H\و]\ZYH[]Hܜ[][ۈBX^[][H[Y\و\[ Y\܈[\\[\XKY H\Z[]\܈YX JH\Z[]\ۈXݙHH[Y\وY܈\[X]YHHYHX\˂NܙX\[YHX\]HY[Y\Y܈ \\X]KˈHHHˈB