Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 40 - No. 4 FALL 2016 - Page 12

Equipment Notebook by David Ayers Photos by author. Easy LED Courtesy Light E arly mornings and late evenings are often the best times for fishing, so why not equip your boat with adequate lighting (courtesy lights) to make low-light fishing safer and more enjoyable? There are many styles to choose from. Some boat manufacturers still use flush-mount, 7.5 watt stern lights as courtesy lights even though they draw more power than the new LED versions. The light shown below draws only 0.2 amps. That’s a big plus when thinking about battery 12 consumption when your boat’s engine is off. These LED lights are dependable and easy to install and offer plenty of light. Connect courtesy lights to your power supply by tying directly into your boat’s running or anchor lights, or add a new switch to control the lights independently. Mount courtesy lights out of the direct line-of-sight of the boat operator and occupants. Under consoles or near the floor aft of the operator are usually good locations. (1) Here’s what’s inside this LED light. Only a small hole is needed to pass the wires through the exterior. (2) This 7.5w bulb-style fixture required a much larger hole be drilled. LED lights are much less invasive. (3) Check location for fit and the backside of the mounting location before drilling the wiring hole. (4) Use the light fixture as a template to start a pilot hole for screwing the light in place. (5) Disconnect battery before wiring. Use crimp terminals to attach wires and fuse the positive lead. (6) Reconnect the battery and check the light at night, making sure the lighting is sufficient. GULF COAST FISHERMAN W W W. G U L F F I S H I N G. C O M