Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 40 - No. 4 FALL 2016 - Page 10

by Nathan Skinner GO GREEN! It’s a Nighttime Thing T he bait was everywhere. Glass minnows, shad, shrimp, you name it—all things baitfish were attracted to the light. We hadn’t been set up for more than half an hour and already there were long silhouettes darting near the edge of the lighted water, where the green rays from the LED light and darkness met. Then I heard it. That familiar “Pop” of a trout smacking at the water’s surface. The feeding frenzy started gradually, as the incoming tide was just beginning to pick up the pace. A few busts and swirls at the surface turned into nonstop commotion as the current found its rhythm. The scene sounded like a really loud ܛXX[H\H\BHH\XKYYY[\XYXܛH[B]\[H[Y H[\[\ޙ[܂H]Xۙ[]HوHYܙH\˂H8'Y]['HY&]\ۙ\Hܘ[XY܈ˈ]\[YH\][ˈH[YB\Y]Hو\\[وXY[YYݙHYX]B\H][[Y[H\X]]\H[YH^B\HYX\H]\Y\وHY X[\\[X\HHY[XXX[HZYHقHY\[HH]\]\Y[BY˂H[^][X[ۈ[YHH[[HYœ\[][ۜ\H[ٝ\XYٝ[YH\X] XK][YKY[ZYY[[]YۈۙB[H]HY\[\HܙK][ܙH[[][š]\[X]H \\]H[YH܋B[\]\QܙY[YXYHH]H\[][[\[\Hً[ܙY[]Y]\XYH[ܙH[K[[YHوH\\[›وHYX\H[\ Z]\ZHY \Z[[Y\˜[ۙ]ܝ\XX[ZH[\[ܘX[HۈH[ݙK۝˜[ܘYX[H[[\\]\\[\HZYܘ][ۈ][\B[][ۜˈ^HX]HHX\\[XZH\X\Y\XZHZ\^B\H[\H[\X\ۂ\X\ˈ\]\[\[ܝ[]H[][Yܙ[›ۈ\H\\وH[H\Y]Hق][ۜY]H^][۝˂\H\H\\[ۜ܈[\ZHY[YBوH^[[[\[ܝ[]Y\\\[B[HZ]\[ۈH[\H[\ ۙHوH\^\]Hۈو\\]XBZ]ۙH][ۋ]\[[܈] \š[\[[[Hق[YH\[XZH܈YBܙX]Y[[ܚY\˂ۙHوH\^\˜[H[وZ]\›ۙH][ۈ\\HHܙY[Y]Y [\ZHHۙBY[[ۙYXݙH[H\X]Y\X][]\H[ۙH[\]Y\H\H\[HوYH[ݙ[Y[ [ ][[\\[ۙHYXHو\]Z\Y[8%[[\]\ܙY[Y ۙHوH\ [YX]K[\XHܙY[\[YۈHX\]\HYQ XYHH]K۝[YYۈYH N B[ܙY[]Y\HܙX]^H]XZ][]\ HYQ  L]\K[[\ܝY[ق\XZ]XZH\[^[[Y\[] [[HYYZ]\H\X]]Y H]]܋LSTTTPSˈHHHˈB