Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 3 - SUMMER 2016 - Page 5

Editor’s Notes A ll along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas, live two species of fish that no doubt the majority of fishermen have never caught and possibly most have never seen. But, they are very popular with those who have learned to target them for both their fighting ability and exceptional showing as table fare. They are the tripletail and pompano. Starting out from ground zero on your own in the pursuit of these two fish is possible with a little knowledge of what’s required to locate them and feed them. And, they are almost polar opposites in their likes and dislikes so a little knowledge of habits and habitats is highly necessary. There are two articles in this issue that focus specifically on tripletail and pompano and cover many of the in’s and out’s required to regularly catch these two species. Fishermen interested in short circuiting the learning curve a bit to become successful pompano or tripletail, have the option of seeking out a fishing guide that regularly fishes for one, or both, species. One could learn the appropriate tackle, rigging, bait, habitats and actually take home a catch on the first time out. And that one trip can payoff for years to come. Summer is here and it’s a perfect time to get started on these two gems of the bay and Gulf. And, if you don’t want to give up the pursuit of reds or trout, they will always be waiting after you hit your limits of those two. Of all the articles in this issue, one stands out in the information provided for kayakers interested in launching from a Gulf beach. It might seem pretty easy and straight forward for fishermen new to a paddle boat, but it’s far from that. Tips for safely launching into the Gulf and then returning safely to the beach are provided by “Paddling Out” editor Jeff Herman in this issue. Jeff has also recently completed 12 video shorts on kayak safety at the request of the American Canoe Association ( and U.S. Coast Guard. Here’s a link to the Surf Launch video: While I’ve never launched into the surf, had I been inclined to without seeing this video first, I probably would’ve earned a new battle scar or two. It’s serious business and the weather and waves will have a say in your success. JULY • AUGUST • SEPTEMBER 2 0 1 6 5